Kaos Party

April 23, 2018

On Saturday, we took the tram out to Schöneweide to visit our friends and their new studio at Kaos. Located at the Spree in old industrial buildings, a place reeking of creativity.

There were toilets, drinks, food, art installations, performance and techno.

Hey Patric & Johan. We’ve known Patric for almost 7 years, he and Johan used to work together in a bar back in the days. We share a mutual love for bubbles.

Patric isn’t just an actor, he’s an upholsterer as well.

After hanging out in his and Hugo’s studio we went outside for more drinks, food and friends.

Hanging out by the water is something I’ve loved all my life.

This tree was spectacular!

The colours of Tünde’s stuff and Hugo showing Johan around the wood workshop.

OK, guys! Let’s dance!

It’s Monday again, one of my favourite days! Going to go out to do some research for a collaboration on Instagram, feels like a good start to the new week. I’m glad I’m doing collaborations these days, they are fun and I only choose to work with brands I trust, am already familiar with and who give me freedom to be creative.

Happy new week!

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