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An eventful week

April 19, 2018

Let’s look at some pictures from my phone. Had a lovely evening with Johan, Giannis & Dimitra last week and we ended up sharing some food on Warschauer Strasse. I spent a lot of time cleaning the studio and rearranging stuff.

My sister sent me a pic of me as 2 years old. This was before she was in my life, we lived in the “ghetto” of my old hometown and I remember my mum complaining about people peeing on our balcony. Lots of booze and drugs going on in that area, still. I grew up in a rough place, but mostly also very beautiful because you could walk down to the beach and go swimming in just a few minutes and there were kids to play with everywhere.

And the pizza is from a night when Johan had a meeting in Prenzlauer Berg and I hooked up with them later and we had pizza & red wine together.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been walking a lot. A LOT. Getting up in the morning, putting on my sneakers and poof. 10-24 kilometers a day. Was going to take a picture of the wall to the left and all of a sudden I saw those pencil lines. Beautiful, right?

Berlin is sucking up to all of us right now with its beauty. In my FB feed I see so many friends excited for Open Airs. Me as well!

Last weekend Maja came to town and we met on Saturday for a stroll around the farmers market. Later in the day we were supposed to meet, but I was way up in Storkower Strasse when it started to rain heavily. Came home and looked like a wet cat.

Sunday morning, Maja came by for coffee and brought cupcakes. We are the only ones among our friends who are early birds, so we were enjoying the morning sun on the balcony chatting away. Gonna get myself a chili plant for the balcony soon.

Afterwards we went to Boxi for the flea market. It has become so much better when it comes to what people are selling, price wise I don’t know, it’s always been very touristy.

After the flea market we hooked up with our friend Achilleas at La Despensa, one of my favourite places in the hood. Had empanadas with chimichurri and got happy from mate on tap.

The weather was so amazing that I decided to join the guys at Holzmarkt, so many of my friends were there and we stayed there until the sun set.

Now we’re approaching this week. After the weekend of being very social, I felt the need to close in for a bit. To eat home cooked meals and focus.

See how green it is? This is my courtyard. Made some quick drawings as thank you cards for the latest orders in my shop.

Picked up the Krets Film Festival Poster from the printer and enjoyed reading on my sofa in between work. I hopefully have some exciting projects coming up for my instagram including a visit in a country I’ve never been. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday Summer came for a visit and I met up with Fiona and Peps for some coriander shopping. In the evening it was still super warm and the same ladies came up with food (!) and drinks (!). A vermicelli salad, cheese, olives and Fiona made us Americanos. What an evening, first night with friends on the balcony this season. Looking forward to many more, there is so much to look at from our balcony. Peps ended up falling asleep on the sofa and almost refused to go home. Sweet Peps.

As you can see, it’s been an eventful week. So thankful for all the good food and all the good friends.

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