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Play day

March 14, 2018

Yesterday this lady came running up the stairs like a sky rocket and flew into the studio to greet Johan (she’s in love with him). He had a glass of coffee in his hand and her excitement was too strong to care, so she managed to make a fountain of coffee all over herself, Johan and the sofa. The poor sofa has seen better days, wish I could afford to bring it to an upholsterer.

So, Peps was very tired and decided to sleep when I said no to Pelotita (ball in Spanish). After a few hours I looked at her and said Ska vi gå ut? (Shall we go out? in Swedish) and she started jumping like a freak. We went to Boxi to play with the pelotita and she was being chased by a huge white fluffy dog, barking at her like a maniac. There you go, Peps, for barking at other dogs yourself!

She’s a very fast runner and got super tired. And hungry, so we went to the butcher to have wiener together.

Forever thank you to Fiona for having this beautiful creature to share with other people. I wish I could have her more often, but I’ve noticed that as soon as Peps steps into the house, I’m not getting much done work-wise. I thought this only happened with humans, hence why I always have been working on my own from home most of the time. I have the (obviously very) annoying feature of always wanting to speak to people (and dogs) if they are in the same room. This drives Johan crazy since he started working in the same room as me and I’m slowly trying to learn to be quiet, but it’s difficult. Already in design university, I decided not to be there while working on tasks – instead I isolated myself at home not to disturb other people. That way I didn’t disturb myself as much either. I guess I don’t see the point in being around other people, if we don’t interact. That’s probably why I always say no to watching movies with friends. Maybe it goes together with me really liking to do things alone? And when I meet people, I prefer to just sit down and talk about more or less important things. Drink something, maybe eat something together. Going to the cinema, clubbing, taking a walk, visiting an exhibition, going to a concert, traveling – all of that I prefer to do with Johan or on my own. Do you recognize yourself in what I’m telling? Probably you do if you’re more introverted than extroverted? Being more of an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re quiet mostly, obviously.

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