March 31, 2005 – 2018

March 31, 2018

Woke up this morning and thought What do I like to blog about?. Since my picture archive is huge, it’s a lot of fun to post those recaps. So, this is on this day, in year 2005. I had fallen madly in love with Johan, I was living with another man who I had loved so much for so many years and everything was painful. So was the project we did at university as well, but at least one of my project mates was Johan and I didn’t know where to go, where to look, where to stand, where to be. Took this picture to document the project we were working on; to try and make this place attractive.

2006. I lived in a small flat on my own, Johan lived in the same house and we would soon decide to move in together in the 34 square meters flat we lived in for almost 5 years. This door is from the center of Gothenburg and I remember taking this picture for my flickr page which I had just started.

2007, it was Spring and we took a long walk and had this for lunch. So delicious, how I miss seafood!

2008. My first attempt to make the granny square blanket, I luckily discovered pretty early that I had to crochet the squares together as I went along. I have made about 8 blankets through the years, one which still lives at my place.

2009. My neighbour worked in a flower shop and surprised me with this bomb of tulips one day. So kind!

2010 was the year when Johan came home with a fish on his shoulder.

2011 – We had moved to Berlin and I got my first iPhone and started my Instagram account, on which I posted tons of pictures every day. Was obsessed!

2012 I took this picture of my hair and took a walk in Prenzlauer Berg to admire the cherry blossom.

2013 served this on the plate.

2014, the room in which our studio is nowadays. It used to be our bed-/livingroom.

In 2015 Christopher’s friend came over from China with his girlfriend and they cooked this amazing dinner. There was a soup that I’m still thinking of very often, wish I had the recipe!

2016 Johan and I had coffee outdoors, need I tell you how much I look forward to next week when it’s supposed to be super warm.

In 2017 on this day, I was knitting a sweater. Still haven’t finished it, just need to stitch it together but that part is so boring.

And today, 2018! I woke up a while ago and will organize my Wrist Worms for the shop. Have been making lots of them this Winter. Making them is my therapy and I’m so grateful for all order that have been placed since I started making them in August 2008.

Do you celebrate Easter? I don’t this year, but I dream of all the food my family is sending me pictures of. Anyway, enjoy the weekend!

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