Last day in Leipzig

March 23, 2018

I love to see the world mirrored in windows, I sometimes tilt my kitchen window just to see the room from a different view.

We were in Leipzig at the end of February to help our friend to open his burger restaurant Gotham for which Johan has made the graphic design. You can see some more of his designs here.

This was the morning after my trauma, so I decided to take a walk to Hotel Astoria, a building I had been curious about since my first time in Leipzig.

Love this sign so much! I’d love to be able to see the building from the inside. It’s been closed since 1996. I just read here that they plan to re-open in a couple of years. Also, the Wikipedia page says it used to be one of the most beautiful hotels during the GDR times and that each room looked different. WOW!

The central station in Leipzig reminds me a lot of Grand Central Station in New York City. You feel very small standing there looking up.

Close to the Gotham restaurant you find this courtyard.

With an antique shop.

Back at the restaurant I helped out with small details, as well as had this:

The burger The Brit with extra mushrooms. Love Stilton cheese so much!

Happy Friday!
Johan’s parents arrive in Berlin tomorrow and I’m going to bring my camera for our adventures. We have nothing really planned as we all love to take things as they come. And one thing is for sure: We love to eat together! Food pictures FTW!

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