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Chard pasta

March 7, 2018

The other week I bought some really beautiful chard at the farmers’ market. Johan and I decided to make a pasta with it, together with the few things we already had at home:

Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
Black pepper
(and some pasta water at the end for the sauce)

A simple dish. I love simple pasta dishes with not too many ingredients. The chard gave the pasta a darker, beautiful colour. I think I could preach the importance of letting your pasta cook for a while in the sauce, every time I talk about pasta. Oh, I already talked about it, here.

A bonus picture to remind you of the Wrist Worms give away (read all about it there, and to make it clear: Only comments left in the comment field will be valid for the give away for me to pick the two random winners, thank you!).

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