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A Sunday of indulgence

March 26, 2018

On Saturday, Johan’s parents arrived in Berlin. We were in a hurry to go pick them up at the airport, and I forgot my camera. Was OK, we hung out having mimosas and snacks before heading to a friend’s bar, where we caught up over Guinness. That was our Saturday. Sunday was a bit more adventurous. We started by walking around Prenzlauer Berg to go to the flea market at Arkona Platz – my favourite Sunday flea market. Johan’s mum and I were doing what we’re good at – admiring buildings.

Looks a bit chilly.

After the flea market, we took them out for a mini sightseeing. They’ve been here several times before, so we can focus on food and drinks mostly.

Went to the Berlin Wall Memorial and had a look at the steak mural.

Passed by a cemetery where I found a small world on a wall.

Sandra, look! It’s a Sandra picture!, Johan’s mum said and I stopped and clicked.

We went into Zionskirche because it’s so beautiful both from the inside and the outside.

And then to one of my favourite restaurants; Wok Show. Tofu, mushroom, peanut salad and cucumber, garlic salad.

This dish was beautiful but didn’t taste much.

Another favourite, kelp salad.

And their famous dumplings, so good!

Another typical Sandra shot.

We were pretty full and took a walk in the sun, it was an amazingly beautiful day yesterday.

Walked down to Scotch & Sofa, had forgotten how beautiful it is. Was there the first time 13 years ago. Time flies! Johan and I went there on one of our visits before we moved to Berlin and hadn’t been there since then. More visits from now on for sure.

Ok just look, so much attention to all the details.


I love how they take well care of the place.

Johan’s espresso martini. Very tasty.

Someone was very content.

After a couple of drinks, I said Let’s go for pizza! and the others said YES!. We went to I Due Forni for a Romana.

Red wine and intense discussions.

And Buon Gustaio. Love pizza. Love to hang out with these people.

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