Beautiful Leipzig

February 26, 2018

First of all, thank you so much for your concern about my Leipzig trauma. Have slept two nights in a row without any nightmares (very rare), so maybe living the nightmare for real cured all sleepy nightmares. Took a lot of pictures in Leipzig, it was freezing cold and I went out to look at buildings. There are so many beautiful ones in Leipzig and my camera was full of pictures of them.

Dreaming of a Summer’s day on this terrace with a bottle of bubbles, friends, seafood and loud laughs.

Passed by this beautiful mural in the southern parts of Leipzig. This was my third time in this city and the first time I had time to leave the city center to discover new places. I asked people where to go on my Instagram, but ended up just walking around – The light was so beautiful and the sun was about to set, so I decided I didn’t want to go inside. Thanks for the suggestions though, guys! I’ll keep them for next time.

Have. You. Ever. Seen. A. Drain Pipe. As. Beautiful. And. Funny. As. This. One? A friend of mine said Sandra, imagine if there is the back of the elephant on the other side of the building! Made me laugh so hard.

Will share some more Leipzig impressions this week, not sure how much I will be outdoors this week in Berlin to take pictures as it’s going to be crazy cold! And don’t say But you’re Swedish, you should be able to handle this, because the cold in Berlin is so so so much different than where I come from up in the north of Sweden. -5°C in Berlin feels like -30°C up there, I promise (it’s much drier up there + clothes wise we’re not equipped in the same way here).

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