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Ramen x Ramen

January 31, 2018

Last week Ramen x Ramen opened up in Friedrichshain, it’s the second ramen place opening up within the past six months. Hako Ramen was the first one. Now I’m just waiting for a Neapolitan pizzeria to open in the hood, a huge trend in Berlin the past couple of years alongside the ramen hype.

Went there for lunch on their first day open, with Fiona and Peps the dog. We started with gyoza and edamame. Peps had some edamame with us and she approved.

Fiona went for Tan Tan ramen.

The place was empty when we arrived and almost full when we left.

I had the Tonkotsu ramen. The pork belly was amazingly tender but the rest of the soup didn’t have enough flavour and depth for my taste (I’m a sucker for rich flavours and guess this broth is great for people who like less rich flavours), so I had to pimp it a lot with the spices and oils on the table. This was their opening day and I had the same experience at Hako Ramen the first time I went there and it just got better and better each time, so I’m hopeful when it comes to Ramen x Ramen – they have created a very nice atmosphere and I look forward to trying it again. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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