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Hangmee in Friedrichshain

January 29, 2018

Let me show you one of my favourite restaurants in Friedrichshain (the area where I live): Hangmee.

Went there with Fiona and her dog, Peps (Pepina).

Hangmee serves Thai food, tapas style you could say. Bowls of smaller portions, which I find great because the food is so good that only one main dish would be torture. When it says HOT on the menu, it means hot. Hard to find in Germany, I almost always have to ask for extra hot.

The atmosphere is quite relaxed and what I love the most about being freelance, is going out for lunch, because I can decide to stay for a long time if I want to and work later in the evening.

The friendly waitress.

Their lunch deal is great, all of this for €8 including a glass of water or a cup of tea. No, I’m not sponsored by them. This is how my phone lies most of the time; screen down.

Peps was probably a bit disappointed, she didn’t get to taste the food as it’s too salty and spicy for her. She prefers to go to Ritrovo where she’s friends with everyone and always gets ham. Did you know, by the way, that black dogs are less popular these days? Why? Because it’s harder to take “good” pictures of them. Social media society gone mad!!

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  • Reply Pamela in Vt January 29, 2018 at 10:25 pm

    That’s interesting (and sad commentary) about the social media (un)popularity of black dogs. Peps looks artistically blue in that one shot (of the back of her head). Maybe they should be seen more like the Little Black Dress – able to transcend any setting! The food looks excellent, almost tasteable through the photo. I had ramen at a fancy ramen restaurant last night but your Thai food looks even better.

    • Reply Sandra January 29, 2018 at 10:29 pm

      That’s a great way of putting it, the Little Black Dress! Ramen, yum! I had some the other day, will post about it soon 🙂

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