Berlin, Friedrichshain


January 30, 2018

Skalar by my friend Christopher, looking forward to going to the live performance on Sunday! He did Deep Web two years ago at the same location (Kraftwerk) together with Robert Henke.

I took a walk up to Storkower Strasse, where the only Rossmann is that I know that sells my drug, Carmex (lip balm).

So much history in Berlin, obvs.

And so few of those run down apartment buildings left, hello gentrification. One of Berlin’s huge problems is people living here without registering = a lot of people living here paying their taxes to other states or countries. Recently I’ve seen big posters around the city begging people to register, a message from the citizen office. And I agree, because Berlin is a poor city and the differences between rich and poor are just getting bigger and bigger. Please, if you live here – participate.

Love this piece of art.

Hello, Tuesday!
I’m having Peps the dog here for the day, she’s lying on the floor next to me wanting me to play with her, but this lady has got to work. Should I teach her how to crochet? Or maybe do my bookkeeping (she’s been walking all over Johan’s bookkeeping, there are paw prints everywhere, cute)?

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