Saturday in the neighbourhood

December 2, 2017

Woke up to a Saturday with an almost blue sky, put on some clothes and went to Boxi for a stroll and cheese soup.

In Berlin you find things for free here and there, yesterday Johan found a jacket which is super warm and fits him very well. Winter jackets are so dull, I would like a shiny chrome or a fluffy dusty (pink, green, blue, mustard) thing. Since last winter I’m wearing a great black woolen thing I found in my staircase, which makes me look like a bat. This mustard pair of Wrist Worms is one of Johan’s most worn pairs, I think he’s had them for 5 years.


Hello, good looking!

Mr Fluffy.

Went to the hardware store and on the way home, we passed by this place. I’ve had so much fun here and look forward to next time. Last time, in the middle of all techno, the DJ started playing I feel love with Donna Summer and the euphoria, out of this world! Being a sucker for great sound systems, this place has it all.

The building was still pumping out some house music and we walked home to get stuff done.

By the way, I’ve been binge watching Peaky Blinders while making Wrist Worms – I highly recommend it!

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