Monday morning shopping

December 4, 2017

Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and smashed my good old Chemex while polishing a juicer. The F! Well, it lasted for many years and served me coffee whenever I wanted.

Slept in this morning, have been feeling like I’m getting sick for several days and ended up sleeping 12 hours per night. Well needed. Warschauer Strasse was sparkling when I went out this morning to buy a new Chemex.

Spring feelings almost!

The toilet at Boxi. Time to go see if I could find a new coffee maker.

Many years ago I found an apartment in this building (look at the dancing couples on the facade!), before it was fixed up. It was 88 square meters and cost €300 per month back then. It had coal heating and Johan said Sandra, you’re too much of a primadonna to live in a coal heated apartment. On this day it’s 7 years ago we visited the place where we live in now, for the first time. It was coal heated and still is. I’m not much of a primadonna after all.

Like I said, the light today, aah. There aren’t many of those unfixed buildings left in Berlin, the way they looked when the Berlin wall came down.

From German building history to December flowers.

Many people who visit Berlin the first time say the same It looks so dirty and why is there graffiti everywhere?

Can you spot the mistletoe? Before moving to Germany, I had no idea how they were growing.

Back home! Ready to spend the day making Wrist Worms and COFFEE! Love the goat logo Johan has made for our friend’s burger joints.

Coffeeeeeee. Started decorating for Xmas in the kitchen yesterday, looking forward to spending more time there now that we have a fridge again and hopefully are more inspired to cook other things than pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Well, time to make a list of things to do this week (I very seldom make lists, but this week is special), make Wrist Worms (if you live in Europe and want your Wrist Worms to arrive before the holidays, make sure to place your order very soon since the Postal Service is super busy in December – if you live outside of Europe I can not longer guarantee delivery before the holidays), drink more coffee and buy coal. Happy Monday!

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  • Reply Of Ashes & Bones December 4, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    I didn’t realize that you’ve got a new blog. So glad that I found you!
    I love this new space, and looking forward to hear more stories from you

  • Reply Debdor December 15, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Grafitti is what people visit Berlin for, isn’t it?

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