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November 21, 2017

Hello, there!
How’s your week? Mine is super duper busy, as was the weekend, so I show you some random pictures from around my neighbourhood. Above is a window that makes me happy every time I pass by, it’s on the opposite side of where Christa-Maria Sieland in Das Leben der Anderen was living. If you haven’t watched that movie, do it!

Found this part on a building, hadn’t seen it before because the rest of the building was so covered with tags and graffiti, until now. This reminds me of the floor of the studio where Camilla was living here in Berlin, a few years ago. By the way, she has listed a lot of new and old things in her shop, I guess very few a piece, I want everything! When people ask me what I miss from Gothenburg, I may answer seafood, book stores, the sea, etc. What I miss most though, is Camilla.

This is Yaam, one of those amazing, creative places in this city. Berlin has changed so much since I started coming here and I don’t want to join the choir who sings Berlin is over, because I don’t think Berlin can be over. It’s been an ever changing place even if you look back one hundred years. I know what this choir means though, I know.

Will make sure to check back here soon, the blog is new and all. I’m still getting used to how it’s furnished, still figuring out how things work. It’s fun. Thank you for the encouraging comments, glad you found your way here!

Sandra x

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  • Reply cinzia November 23, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    melodramatic comment alert… but after following your blog for ages, it was time! it’s not that you ‘capture’ beauty in the world – rather, you infuse it with your own poetry and quirks, and allow unexpected scenes to sing for everybody. thanks from an Australian in Germany!

    • Reply Sandra November 26, 2017 at 6:41 pm

      Oh wow, what a compliment – thank you! S x

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