Sunday, Monday and Today

October 24, 2017

On Sunday I all of a sudden felt the urge to make a dough. Was rummaging through kitchen stuff, when I found my pasta machine thingy and decided to make tagliatelle. Got the pasta thingy from my parents in 1998 and only used it once. I thought it was too much work. It’s not! It’s super simple! Johan came by, with his new pair of Wrist Worms which I had just finished. To take a picture for his instagram.

I made a dish I called Cardinal Sin (on Instagram, Italians tend to want to correct me for making my pasta dishes wrong, but hey I’m Swedish and I don’t like to follow rules). This is a very intense tomato sauce topped with goats cheese. One of my biggest A-HA moments about pasta, was many years ago when I started to always stir the sauce into the pasta right before serving. In Sweden (and in Germany I’ve seen), people first put the pasta on the plate and then the sauce on top, which makes the pasta a dry dull mess (many examples here). Not my taste.

Sunday evening, I took a walk to Mitte and back. Went out for beers with my Greek family.

Yesterday brunch with friends. My finger shows the way to my studio, go and work, lady!

In the evening, I went out for a double espresso with whipped cream. Was supposed to be a quick one, came home 3 hours later. You know those evenings when one friend after another pops in and you have really nice conversations.

Woke up to a dark sky and rain this morning, a beautiful person gave me coffee and I am so thankful for not having to go outside to get to work today. I have many new things going on work wise right now, you will see soon I hope! Have to take a break from making Wrist Worms, my body told me to stop. Not for too long though 🙂 The holidays are coming.

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    […] A simple dish. I love simple pasta dishes with not too many ingredients. The chard gave the pasta a darker, beautiful colour. I think I could preach the importance of letting your pasta cook for a while in the sauce, every time I talk about pasta. Oh, I already talked about it, here. […]

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