A new semester

June 22, 2015





I’ve been busy with life. Hi!
Family visit has been so wonderful. So have friends’ visits been as well.
Being sick has been good for me, I was forced to rest. Still not well, but after some days in bed I have energy enough to be in my studio again, yay!

Today is Monday and taking my walk this morning, trying out a new café, the air was crisp and a bit chilly – it felt exactly like when you were younger and started a new semester after a summer of rest. This is what I have planned now – a summer of focusing the way I used to focus when fall came. I need a lot of time for myself, for my projects and hopefully come back to this happy space more often again. Blogging used to be my biggest inspiration trigger and I would like to have that feeling again.

See you! x

(The first two pictures were taken by my niece Alice)

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